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Bashlin Steel CCA Climbers with Hook-N-Loop Cinch Pads

Bashlin steel climbers with polished CCA gaffs combined with Buckingham Hook-N-Loop Cinch pads. Bashlin’s BD16BC series steel contoured climbers are constructed of rugged steel alloy. The contoured shank is a comfort feature to reduce pressure points or chafing to your ankle bone when climbing. The shank is shaped to create a slight bow away from your ankle while the upper shank rests securely on your leg. This climber features a twisted shank. This subtle comfort feature allows the shank to remain flat against your leg after the climber has settled into position. Twisted shank climbers are best matched with traditions tunnel and L-pad that allow more freedom to position the shank. The BD16BC features an offset stirrup. This positions the stirrup closer to the center of the foot by offsetting the stirrup forward of the shank. Ankle straps are permanently attached to a steel triangle, hinged from an eyelet on the stirrup. Replacement strap are assembled into place. Bashlin’s steel climbers come with polished CCA set-screw replaceable gaffs. These gaffs measure 1-5/8”.

The Buckingham 3500C Hook-N-Loop Cinch pads are 4" wide and feature a steel cinch loop that provides a secure fit. No steel insert support with this pad. The thick padding adds all-day comfort. Nylon bottom straps, gaff guards, and gaff gauge included.

Boots not included. For display purpose only.
Warning: Climbers are to be purchased and used by trained personnel only.
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Climber Kit

Bashlin Steel CCA Climbers - Twisted Shank
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Buckingham 4" Wide Hook-N-Loop Cinch Pads
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