Buckingham Titanium Climber & Tunnel Pads

Buckingham's TB94086AT Gold Titanium contoured shank climbers combined with Buckingham 3126 maximum comfort tunnel pads and 26" leg straps. Buckingham’s gold contoured leg irons are constructed from light weight high strength Titanium. The new thicker shank design allows less flex for a more solid climb. The contoured shank is a comfort feature to reduce pressure points or chafing to your ankle bone when climbing. The shank is shaped to create a slight bow away from your ankle while the upper shank rests securely on your leg. These climbers have the twisted shank option which better positions the climber shank with the supplied tunnel pads. Offset stirrups are standard on all of our climbers. Buckingham’s standard stirrup measure 4-1/2” wide for people with standard to wide feet. The stirrup is offset forward of the shank to sit closer to the center of the foot. Ankle straps are secured with a split-ring attached to a permanent eyelet on the stirrup. The gold Titanium climbers come standard with the new TB9206A set –screw replaceable gaffs. These gaffs measure 1-3/4” with a 16 degree angle. The new placement design positions the tip of the gaff lower than previous models for working at more aggressive angles to the pole safely. The TB9106A gaff is available for climbing hard CCA poles.

The Buckingham 3126 tunnel pads are made from premium leather in the traditional "L" style. The tunnel design secures the climber shank for firm support. The thick closed-cell foam filler prevents the climber shank from irritating the user's leg. The rolled edge prevents chafing the calf muscle. The pads are furnished with Buckingham model 2639 26" neoprene-impregnated nylon leg straps. Bottom strap included.

Climbers are rated to 350 lbs when the user is fully outfitted with tools and equipment.
Boots not included. Shown for display purpose only.
Warning: Climbers are to be purchased and used by trained personnel only.
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Climber Kit

Buckingham Titanium Climbers Twisted Shank
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Buckingham "Maximum-Comfort" L-Style Pads
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Buckingham Nylon 1"x26" Leg Straps
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