Buckingham BuckAlloy Aluminum CCA Climbers With Heritage™ Big Buck Pads

Buckingham's BuckAlloy CCA climbers paired with the Heritage Big Buck Pads.

The Pads: The Big Buck™ Wrap Pad is a combination of your two favorite climber pads. Buckingham has taken the adjustability of the hook and loop wrap pad, the increased surface area of the Big Buck™ pad and added a moisture wicking Dri-lex lining. Increased surface area to distribute pressure. Thick comfortable pad and moisture wicking Dri-lex lining. Features the adjustability of Hook and Loop Wrap Steel “C-Pad” insert for proper climber shank position, cinch loop to provide an extra tight fit, rolled edge to prevent chafing and ultra-soft, Heritage™ distressed leather for that already broke in feel and vintage look.

The Climbers: The BuckAlloy Aluminum climbers features Buckingham's new GRiP (Gaff Ridge Position) technology that keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole which aids in preventing cutouts, allows for a better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch, and allows optimum gaff placement on the pole and promotes ease of climbing.
  • Buckingham development, manufacturing and support
  • Rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887
  • Unmatched comfort in an aluminum climber
  • Non contoured, off-set replaceable gaff pole climbers
  • Lightest climber available - Leg Iron only; 2 lbs/pair
  • Aluminum alloy used in transport applications including marine, automotive and aviation due to its high strength to density ratio
  • Alloy blend contributes to superior product life cycle
  • Most durable aluminum climber in the industry
  • Dowel and screw design allows for easy gaff change out
  • Nylon tongue and buckle ankle strap
  • Made in the USA
  • Polished Aluminum is like Chrome for your feet!
  • Adjustable black upper sleeves included
  • Fits all standard non-insert pads. Any pads with metal inserts must be for aluminum climbers only.
  • CCA hard pole gaffs
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Buckingham BuckAlloy Aluminum CCA Climber With Nylon Straps
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Buckingham Heritage™ Big Buck Wrap Climber Pad For BuckAlloy Aluminum Climbers
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